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What People Are Saying About Our Telemedicine Appointments with
Dr. Javier

“I had these large varices in my legs that were getting worst with time and due to my busy schedule and odd hours I did not have time to see a doctor. He diagnose me with venous insufficiency and recommend me to see a local specialist. Dr Javier was very patient and gave e information of what my condition is and what I should expect. I went to see a specialists and he offered me the tests and the treatments Dr Javier had told me I would need. I felt very relieved.

Micheal Hermon

“I used Dr Javier Telemedicine program. I had a lot of questions about the diagnosis my doctors gave me in Colombia about my heart. He explained with details and instructed me how to proceed. I was very happy I could get confirmation of my condition from and expert in the US.

Graciela Pozo, MD

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You will not be charges until after the appointment.  Dr. Javier's Charge is 90.00 US per call.  If all paperwork is in order, most calls last no more that 10 minutes.

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“I live in a very remote place, and my legs get swollen frequent. I have been to many doctors, but the ones in this area are not specialized in circulation problems. The closes specialists is 3 hours away. Having Dr Javier for questions and consultation from my home computer gives me peace of mind"

Rachael Mariana Morgan

“I have heart failure and I travel frequently. Having a heart doctor available to help me if I get into trouble and to treat me is very comforting. I love Telemedicine"

Carlos Sanchez

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