Inadequate Vein Treatment

Medicine is a business and just like other businesses, some are guilty of fraud and inadequate vein treatment. It is important to try and distinguish which clinics are legitimate medical establishments and which are fraudulent vein clinic. This can be difficult on the surface, but learning some of the red flags to spot a fraudulent vein clinic may possibly protect you from unnecessary or improperly performed procedures. This is particularly true for patients seeking varicose vein treatments, as this procedure has some doctors performing unnecessary procedures.

A fraudulent vein clinic looks exactly as legitimate clinical establishments, as any physician can treat varicose veins. There are no regulations for the procedures completed in a private clinic, whereas these regulations are present in a hospital setting or a hospital-based clinic.  Look for the treating physician to be a vascular specialist, as they have had the appropriate and extensive training to be able to complete vein procedures.
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Board Certification

Board certification is another credential to look closely at when researching vein clinics. The American Board of Medical Specialty (ABMS) is a proper board certification, but there are other illegitimate boards, such as the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine (ABVLM).  

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This information may easily be found on the clinic website or with the use of a simple internet search engine and it is extremely helpful to know in order to avoid inadequate vein treatment. Physicians with certification through an illegitimate board exam do not have the extensive training and may perform unnecessary procedures, perform procedures inappropriately, or lead to further damage of the legs. 

What to Look for During Vein Consultation

If you have successfully navigated through the vein clinics to find an appropriate establishment, there are still signs to watch for to avoid fraud.  

  1. When an appointment is made for a consultation, you should most certainly meet with the physician.  
  2. The consultation is to review medical history, examine the legs which may also include an ultrasound, and discuss the various treatment options that may be available.  
  3. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, pressured, or rushed into a decision about scheduling a vein treatment, this should be a sign to tread slowly and think about the options.  
  4. A second opinion is never a bad decision if you feel uneasy or concerned about a clinic of physician. 
  5. Knowing some of the signs to look for to avoid fraud may protect you from unnecessary procedures, complications, and possibly your finances.

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Talk to a Vein Specialist.

Speak with Dr. Julian Javier, a board certified vein specialist in Naples, Florida. He will discuss your medical history, perform a thorough exam, and explain the dangers of going to a fraudulent vein treatment and dangers of receiving inadequate vein treatment and help you get the right treatment for your ailment.

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